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Our site only provides information and is NOT a provider of gambling services in any form. No betting or gambling of any form occurs on our site. We are NOT a gambling operator, we do NOT accept bets and we do NOT own or operate any online casinos, poker rooms or bookmaker sites.
All content provided is copy written.
Use of site:

You must be of legal age at your place of residence to use our site. Legal age is usually 18 in most countries, but it might be different at your jurisdiction.
You must use information you read at our site only for lawful purposes and you must comply with all applicable local laws, regulations and tax obligations at your country, state or municipality.
If in your region betting or gambling is not permitted this site should be used for informational purposes only, and not with a view to betting or gambling via a third party website. You are responsible to check the laws related to betting and gambling that apply to you and comply with them. Some examples of countries where online betting is not allowed are USA, China and Turkey, but these are only examples and not a full list. Also some countries have regulated online betting and only allow betting at certain licensed operators and it’s your responsibility to check if the site that you have landed at after following a link on our site has the appropriate licensing. Example of such countries are France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Belgium, but these are only examples and not a full list.
Limitation of Liability:

We are not responsible for any errors in the content of the site or its programming code.
We do not guarantee that information presented is correct, exact, current, accurate or reliable.
We do not encourage you to bet relying on information you read on this site and if you do, we do not accept any liability for any possible losses in the same manner that we do not ask a part of any possible gains.
We are not responsible for the content, services or products of sites that are linked from our site. If you follow a link and are transferred to another site, read carefully their terms of use and policies before you use it.
In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special loss, however arising, related to the use of the site.
Your use of the Services is on an “as is” and “as available” basis and at your sole risk.
If you have any questions or complaints please contact us by email.

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