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Why is roulette so popular and what are the odds to win?

The roulette table with its characteristic red and black colours is the perfect example why gambling is so addictive. Much has been written for this game and for the reasons it tops the popularity in most casinos. It hasn’t emerged in popularity only during the boom of the online casino industry and of the regulated online casino, over the past 10 years. The game has been popular since the first time it was offered at the casinos and is always one of the attractions for the players regardless if they choose a brick n mortar or an online casino. In the paragraphs below we will try to understand why the game has acquired so many fans and of course if there is a way to guarantee profits for you while playing it.

Reasons why roulette is so popular these days

To start with we shall agree that the increased profit margins and various multipliers that the game offers are particularly tempting. There are not many casino games where a 1 euro bet can return 36x its value in profit. This higher than in other games multiplier is a result of the mathematical probabilities that the roulette offers and is the main reason why players are so excited over the game  and develop such an addiction for it. In some weird way, they think that they can predict the outcome of each turn and end up with 36 times their bet in cash. If you have never sat at the roulette table and have never measured how many different winning combinations it provides, then you might never understand the vanity of such hopes. However, the winning multiplier remains massively larger than the multiplier on all other casino games apart from the slots. Take for example the other super popular game, blackjack. The biggest profit multiplier you can get when playing blackjack is one and a half (1.5x) times the size of your bet and this would still be a very rare case in which you get dealt with a straight blackjack while the dealer does not have an ace after the first card draw. Doubling up on roulette though is a lot easier since you can do it if you bet on the winning colour, aka red or black. And not only this. You can bet on winning 3x or 5x your money by selecting one of the many exciting betting variations that it offers. We believe that it is exactly this variety of betting patterns that makes roulette the queen of modern casino games.

Another huge reason for its popularity is the size of the bets that are allowed on the roulette table. In most casinos, whether they are land based or online, whether they are legal or illegal, the minimum bet in roulette is much smaller than blackjack. So if you walk around at a casino in Europe, the minimum blackjack bet is 5 euros or 10 euros while at the same time you can play on the roulette for even 1 euro. Things are even better American punters since in a few casinos than we have visited and especially in Las Vegas we have spotted tables where bets start as low as 10 dollars. In some of these casinos we had to raise a plea with the manager to open a table only for us where the limit could be set as low as $5 which was not offered by default. Roulette won’t do this to you!!! Most casinos will recognize that many players would prefer to bet as little as few cents of the dollar (to make back a multiplier) and won’t deny offering tables at this level. There are of course VIP roulette tables where much higher stakes are allowed, but they are usually hidden in other rooms and not at the main casino hall.

Another reason – which many players dispute, but should be considered in this discussion- is that roulette usually does not require much effort or study. Unlike casino poker and blackjack that require following  a particular strategy and even reading one of many books that have been written on the topic, roulette mechanics are based on odds that cant be calculated since after every draw all numbers on the table have exactly the same probabilities in being drawn. Therefore players cannot develop a “perfect basic strategy” similar to that in blackjack. The perfect strategy in blackjack is used by players that want to maximize their chances of winning. This means that players who have had a busy day at work or those who visit casinos simply trying to get some entertainment, will prefer to play on the roulette as it does not require much thought or complicated mathematical calculation. Especially if you’ve been on a blackjack table that brings together professional players – or those who have studied the perfect strategy theory – you’ll notice that the game isn’t much fun while people often think a long time before making a decision. This won’t happen on the roulette table. A roulette player will simply place his chips on the number he wishes for, based on his instinct and his wishful thinking. At the same time the dealer will initiate the next draw by announcing when bets have will stop. Its that simple and that explains why gamblers love that

Can I secure a win by playing roulette?

If you read carefully the paragraphs above, you may have noticed that we refer to a game based on the theory of probabilities. But more specifically of those with repositioning. This by itself means that each time, regardless of the outcome, when the dealer spins the ball, the odds for the winning number will be reset to 1/37 or 1/38 (depending on the number of 0’s on that table) which makes it impossible for the gambler to predict the likely outcome of each round in the roulette. It is therefore virtually impossible to develop some perfect strategy as there is no limit in the numbers that can be re-enter the draw in its round. We have observed a game in Las Vegas where the roulette drew number 23 six times in a row and no one could of course blame the casino as all 38 numbers were available to be drawn.

What we could suggest to our readers is not to follow a winning strategy for playing roulette (whether it’s at an online or offline casino) but instead study perfectly the numbers, the odds and what each bet means on the table. You will see that on each side of the felt there are different betting fields with the corresponding returns listed next to each box. What you can do is shape your game based on a betting strategy, e.g how much money you would ideally want to make at the end of the day if your bets are winning. In any case, you need to know that roulette is one of those casino games where odds are overwhelmingly against the player. As we mentioned earlier in the text, the popularity of the game is due to the fact that it triggers the players adrenaline levels and luck instincts.

Does it make sense to play roulette online? Can the game be rigged?

You should only play roulette if you feel really lucky or if you want to challenge your luck. Regardless if this is on an online of brick and mortar casino. Probability wise, this is one of the games you should list pretty low when discussing your winning chances. This does not mean that if you play at low limits and you are aware of how much money you have spent at any given time you cannot have some serious fun. But you have to ensure that you have chosen a reputable casino for your play, preferably one of those casinos you will find on our page. In that case roulette can offer you many hours of fun without worrying about losing a lot.

If you select one of these legal casinos that you can find on our website, then you can rest assured that the game’s algorithm has been checked and that the probabilities are applied exactly as they have been applied in real life. But that does not mean, as we have already explained in the previous paragraph, that you have a greater chance of predicting the lucky number. Especially if you consider that every round is set from the same start. Again and again. Which means that the player has either 1/37 or 1/38 chances in every round to win the lucky number. We can not discuss about casinos which we have not reviewed on our pages. We can only guarantee that what you find in here has been  tested by our team and in case you win your money will be paid in a very short period of time. All these roulettes are operated by highly reputable operators that are controlled by state and independent authorities from all over the world.


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