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Introduction to online casino bonuses

If you’ve never before played at a casino online, you’ll need to learn about casino bonuses. Online casino bonuses are gifts from the establishment that provide you with some extras that will help extend your play. Before you choose an online casino to play at, you should always review its bonuses to ensure that you get the best one possible. The following is some information on casino bonus options and what they mean for you during your game play.

Welcome Bonuses

The most common and popular type of casino bonus is the welcome bonus or the sign-up bonus. Online casinos may try to entice you to play at their specific games by offering you a certain amount of playing pounds. For example, you may receive a £1,200 welcome bonus from the casino. Certain stipulations may apply to your bonus, however. For example, the casino may pay it to you over a five-deposit spread. You may have to wager a certain amount before you can withdraw it, as well.

Free Spins

Free spins are additional desired casino bonuses that a number of online casino establishments offer. They usually come inside of the welcome package. However, you may also be able to earn free spins on certain occasions such as holidays and birthdays. You could earn free spins for depositing money or winning a game, as well.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are bonuses that players can get when they make their first deposit. The online casino may offer a specific percentage of the deposit, or it may reward such a deposit with points or bonus spins that the player can use to win.

No Deposit Bonuses

A no-deposit bonus is a bonus that you can get without making a deposit. Some people may refer to this type of bonuses as a trial bonus or free play. You receive free spins or free cash whether you choose to stay at the casino or not. However, the prize still may be subject to certain rules and regulations, which you will read about shortly.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are bonuses that you can get for subsequent deposits. Subsequent deposits are, of course, deposits that you make after your initial deposit when you first join. Each casino has its own set of rules regarding the number of reload bonuses you can receive and how much the reload bonuses are.

Match Bonuses

A match bonus is exactly what it sounds like it is. It matches the amount that you put down on your account as a deposit. Some casinos offer an initial match deposit and then a certain number of subsequent match deposits. You may have access to thousands of pounds in extra playing cash.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are bonuses that you can get from certain online casino establishment for referring their establishments to other people. For example, you can tell your friends or family members about the casino. If those people end up signing up with the casino and playing there, you could earn free spins or money. Certain rules may apply, however. For example, you may not get your bonus until the family member makes a legitimate deposit.

Loyalty Bonuses

A loyalty bonus is a bonus that the casino offers to the players for their loyalty. It may come in the form of free spins, points, cash or some other benefit. Each online casino handles their casino bonus processes different. Some of them may ask their customers to sign up for a VIP program or loyalty program to have access to the benefits. Other establishments may offer their casino bonus loyalty benefits to people on certain days or times.

Rules and Requirements

You have to pay close attention when you are considering online bonus options because of the stipulations that may be attached to them. You need to read the fine print and see what the casino’s requirements are before you can assume that you can claim the bonus funds and withdraw them. Some casinos require you to wager a certain amount times the bonus amount. For example, you may have to wager 35 times the bonus amount before you can withdraw it as your own. Other casinos may have a specific dollar amount or time frame. Just make sure that you read the rules before you dive into the situation.

Get Ready to Play

Now that you know some more information about the casino bonus structure, you can feel confident that you will choose the best online casino when you get ready to play. You can now sift through the variety of online casino establishments and choose the casino bonus that you want for yourself. Have a wonderful time playing at the casino.


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