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How to Play Roulette Online

The game of roulette has always been a crowd-favorite by casino regulars and hobbyists alike. And thanks to technological advancements over the past decade or two, roulette and other casino classics are making their digital debut. But while it looks simple enough from an outsider’s view, the game can be confusing for some players who lack the experience and knowledge. Here’s a crash course on playing online roulette so you can enjoy and perhaps even profit from the game.

Know the Basics

In roulette, players must try to guess what kind of pocket or color the white marble is going to land on. You guess correctly, you win. The game mechanic is fairly simple. However, if you factor in all the possible options you can bet on including 36 numbers, “inside” bets, and “outside” bets, it can be more difficult to profit. Winning “inside” bets involves correctly guessing either the exact pocket number where the marble falls into or a small range of pockets. On the other hand, “outside” bets require players to choose between bigger pocket ranges, pocket colors, or whether it lands on an odd or even number. Outside bets usually award smaller prizes but with higher chances of winning.

Know How it Starts

When you find the right online roulette table for you, hand the chips to the designated dealer. In English countries, the dealer may be labelled a “croupier”. Unlike other table games, roulette games are dealt with different chips otherwise how can players know whose chips are whose after all wagers are made? Each player in the table is assigned a unique color to avoid confusions regarding bets placed.

Know How a Phase of a Round Works

When a round ends, the dealer or croupier pays the winners and clears the table. Before the next round begins, there may be a slight pause to give everyone enough time to determine their bets. Afterwards, the croupier will turn the wheel and throw the marble onto it. In a brick-and-mortar casino setting, the croupier will shout “No more bets” in which case all players must wait for the wheel to spin and for the winners of that round to be determined. For an online casino, it’s either a live croupier shouting that on video or a light signal pops up around the screen to indicate it.

Have a Limit

Because online casinos are very accessible – just have a computer and internet connection – it’s easy to get hooked to gambling through online roulette and other available games. Before playing, establish a limit and stick to it. When you’ve reached a profit or loss, log out and call it a day. This can be easier said than done, but planning and putting in place preemptive measures to avoid online casino gambling addiction is important to avoid heavy financial loss.


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