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How to Play Blackjack Online

Given that blackjack can be played online, this simple card game is easier than ever to play with anytime, anywhere. A quick search on the internet for blackjack online can find you an online casino where you can join in on the fun. Much like how blackjack is played in real life, blackjack in an online casino is played just the same.

Blackjack is played by assigning values to the cards and dealing them out. The numbered cards (2-10) are taken face value. Jacks, queens and kings are each worth ten. Aces are worth either eleven or one depending on the player’s hand and preference. The objective of the game is to have your hand of cards to total a score of 21 without going over or having a higher hand than what your dealer is holding.

The game is usually played in an arc shaped table with up to seven players and one dealer playing at a table. Depending on the established rules, there is a minimum and maximum in place for bets which players can sort through. The game starts by players taking turns placing bets using their chips. Once all bets are locked in, the dealer deals each player two cards, both face up. The dealer deals themselves two cards as well: one face down and one face up.

If a player gets a card with a value of ten and an ace, they have reached a value of 21 and earned “blackjack”. If a player or players earn “blackjack” and the dealer does not, the dealer pays out the players one and a half the amount of the original bets they placed. If the dealer earns “blackjack”, they collect the placed bets of all of the other players at the table that have not earned “blackjack” themselves.

Play starts with the first player on the dealer’s left. Players take turns deciding if they want to “stand” (not be dealt another card) or “hit” (given another card for a chance to get “blackjack”). A player could decide to stand on their original two cards if they feel that it is a good value. A player could also continue to “hit” until they wish to stand or until they “bust” (earning a value of over 21). When a player “busts” their bet is collected by the dealer.

After the dealer has served other players, the players reveal their cards. If their cards equal a value of 17 or higher, the dealer must stand. If their hand is sixteen or below, the dealer must hit until their total is 17 or more.

Now there are special cases where a player might get two cards of the same kind, like two kings or two sevens. The player has an option to split, which means they can treat each card of the pair as a respective hand. The player would front an equal bet for both cards. From there the player has the option of either choosing to “stand” with either card or “hitting” to try to get “blackjack” or as close to “blackjack” as possible.

Understanding and following the rules of blackjack makes it that much easier to play blackjack in an online casino. There may be a few variations or rule changes but the objective stays the same: try to beat the dealer by getting as close to “blackjack” as you can without going over. And the best part about playing blackjack in an online casino is that you can have almost anyone in the world join in the table you are playing at any moment.


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