Best online casino TV ads in the first half of 2017

Some Of The Best UK Online Casino Gambling Ads This Year

Online casinos must come up with ways to continue to distinguish themselves from the others. One way of achieving this goal is to have a brilliant advertising campaign that the public will remember. A unique approach to advertising helps make for an easier to remember name and that in turn leads to new players joining up. Today we look at some of the best online casino ads currently on television in the United Kingdom.

There is a new television spot out from which is making a splash right now. The ad features Geoff Bell as an employee of the online casino. In the commercial he is upset that the company is giving their players back money on every bet that they make regardless of it is a winner or loser. He resigns from his job with the company as a result of this policy.

The advert is a little cheeky, but it is meant to be that way. It is designed to help viewers remember that the casino does in fact have this policy going right now. It is possible for players to get cash back on their bets no matter the outcome.

Virgin Games

Virgin Games has taken a fully comedic approach to their online casino advertising strategy. They decided that it would be very humorous to tell the story of a vampire who is employed to work at a supermarket and how he is bored with his life. In the advert he mentions how he cannot find thrills in life and hasn’t for the last 5 centuries at least. All of this while he is helping an elderly woman at the checkout.

However, the vampire discovers that there are thrills to playing online games with Virgin Games and thus has a new outlook on life. The next thing you know he is out at the club and waiting for his date. The twist is that the date with with that same elderly woman! However, to this centuries old vampire he still sees her as a very young lady and advises viewers to “live a little”. It is a very humorous advert.

Foxy Casino

The Foxy Casino has a more straightforward approach to advertising. They put the star Heather Graham on their advert to play the role of “Foxy”. She is in a dressing room apparently about to go on stage to do some performance. A stage manager even knocks on the door to inform her that the time has come for her to go to the stage. However, she gets him to go away and instead decides to take a few spins on the roulette wheel with Foxy Casino as she tells viewers that sometimes you just have to be a little foxy and play at the online casino.

The Winner

Of these three adverts for online casinos the vampire ad for Virgin Casino is clearly the most well thought out. It plays on our previous thoughts about boredom and lust with a funny twist about a vampire. It encourages us to “live a little” and makes the whole experience of playing on the online casino seem fun and relaxing.

The casino was clever to not put its games completely at the forefront of the advert instead choosing to allow them to be a bit of a part of the backstory. Still, the viewers get the message that they should try out the games at the online casino. It is brilliantly crafted so that you almost forget that you are viewing an advert. That is the kind of genius that goes into making a great television advert for an online casino.

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